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Sweet Home Hudson Valley...
I love my little slice of the beautiful Hudson Valley,  

Where I moved thirty-seven years ago with Linda Burke McNally.

Rail trails and some pale ales at the Gilded Otter Brewery, 

A shopping trip in Woodstock for some funky artisan jewelry.
The Walkway over the Hudson, where Shadows Restaurant juts in,

A hike along the Shawangunk Ridge, October trips to Bear Mountain.

Stripe Bass migrate every year in May, 

Dropping their eggs in the river, then back to the ocean to play.
Hunter and Windham Mountains are great for skiing on the slopes,

They're great at making snow, no worries or dashing hopes.
Mountain climbers love New Paltz, their hardware's picks and ropes,
They camp near Lake Minnewaska, as the fire is carefully stoked.
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, where many musicians play their parts, keeping the memory of Woodstock alive,
So far, they've succeeded, the place has really thrived. 

Rolling hills and a comfy lawn chair,

Crosby Stills and Nash were there.
The New Paltz Half Marathon, we ran on Father's Day,

After the race, a beer or two, is there any better way?
The Kingston Classic, a much-anticipated event,
I could swear one year I ran it, the whole neighborhood went.
The New Paltz Golf Course on a Friday night,
Where we sit on the deck and capture sunlight.

The sun sets behind the mountains, what a beautiful sight,
A full moon over our shoulders seems perfectly right.

As a bald eagle soars overhead,

We're so fortunate to see her in flight.
Rolling hills, waterfalls, and beautiful family farms,
The Hudson Valley will excite you and enthrall you with her charms.
The apple orchards, wineries, art shops galore,
It's been a great place to live; I couldn't ask for more.

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